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Potato nutrients

potato nutrients

Potatoes are rich in so many wholesome substances. Red, yellow, white and brown potato tubers provide us with a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals. For instance a middle sized potato has about 650 mg of potassium. It is even more than in bananas. Potassium is of great importance for us. It participates in the control of muscular activity and has a great influence upon steadiness of nerve cells to stress. Iron that is contained in potatoes participates in the process of food transformation into energy. Iron helps your body to resist various infections.

Potatoes contain also vitamin C, which helps to maintain healthy connective tissue. A great number of potato sorts represent an excellent source of group B vitamin. This vitamin is important for red blood cells and amino acids formation. It also participates in hair growth.
It is worth mentioning that carbohydrates are the main energy material. They are mainly represented by potato starch. Many people consider that carbohydrates that are contained in potatoes are unhealthy. However scientists prove that in normal quantities potatoes do not account for body weight gain, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.
Being a basic source of energy in our body, carbohydrates are very important for muscle and brain nutrition. The carbohydrates nutrition value plays a considerable role for the whole body. If you exclude them from your diet, your organism will synthesize missing substances. The body will extract carbohydrates from muscles and protein tissue. A person’s heart and vital organs may suffer in this case. Therefore you should not exclude this healthy vegetable from your diet completely.
The nutrition value of a middle sized potato (about 150 grams) is the following:

·Vitamin C – 45%;
·Potassium – 620 milligrams;
·Fat – o grams;
·Calories – 110;
·Sodium – 10 mg;
·Dietary Fiber – 2710 mg;
·Protein – 3 grams.

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