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Potato Days Festival

Potato Days Festival

In August 2010 people from across the USA gather at Barnesville, Minnesota. The object of these visitors is to take part in funny potato activities or to taste different potato dishes. Being famous for its potato production, Barnesville attracts over 16 000 potato lovers to experience funny activities for the whole family during the annual Potato Days Festival. It is worth mentioning that Barnesville is one of the best potato producing areas in the USA.

The Barnesville Potato Days Festival is considered very captivating. The activities that are organized at this festival are so amusing and very often unique. For instance, mashed potato wrestling or the Miss Tator Tot Pageant will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Festival goers also participate in such interesting activities as sacking, potato sculpture contest, Potato Car Races, peeling, carving and many others. The Potato Days Parade is also of great interest for Barnesville visitors. In addition, the Potato Days Festivals gives you the possibility to taste different potato dishes such as Norwegian lefse, French fries, potato sausage, potato soup, German potato dumplings, potato pancakes, etc. Everyone is invited to demonstrate his/her art of cookery by participating in the National Lefse Cookoff and Potato Cookoff competitions.

The Barnesville Potato Festival last two days. This time is quite enough in order to be absorbed in the amazing world of spectacular excitement and activities. It should be noted that US News and World Reports rated the Barnesville Potato Days Festival as one of the best festivals in the USA.

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