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Potato clock

Potato clock

Potatoes serve as on of the main ingredient while cooking various delicious dishes. However not everybody knows that this wholesome vegetable can be used as a natural battery. The thing is that potatoes can perform the function of an electrolyte to give the minimal voltage that is needed for powering a simple LED clock. To make a potato battery does not represent any difficulty. For this project you will need: two plasterboard nails, three alligator clips ( connect clips to one another using wire), two short parts of copper wire, galvanized nails, two baking potatoes, low-voltage LED clock ( the clock should work from the power of 1 to 2 volt).

1.First take out the battery of the battery compartment.
2.Take notice that the battery compartment has two terminals marked as positive and negative.
3.Number the potatoes as #1 and # 2.
4.Fix one nail into each potato.
5.Next fix one short piece of heavy copper wire in each potato. The copper must be placed far from the nail.
6.Take one alligator clip and link the copper wire fixed in potato # 1 to the positive terminal point in the clock.
7.Take another alligator and connect the nail in potato #2 to the negative terminal point in your clock.
8.Take the remained alligator clip to connect the nail fixed in potato #1 to the copper wire in potato # 2.
9.Now you can set the clock!

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