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Homemade Potato Chips Recipe

The potato chips are usually called the thin plates of the potatoes that have to be fried or baked till the crispy condition. They are served as a snack food or a side dish. Some manufacturers of the chips use the additional seasonings and ingredients in order to add to them so common to us tastes of the chips, as the chips with taste of the cheese or the chips with the taste of the sour cream with the spring onions. They are most often bought as a snack in the western countries and in the countries, where people speak English as a state language.

On the 24-th of October 1853 the first recipe of the potato chips was thought up by George Crum, who was a hotel chef in Saratoga Springs. He decided to cut the potatoes thinner, because his director was always angry because of the fact that the potatoes, which were prepared by George Crum, were too thick and half-done. Against the expectations of George Crum his director was pleased with the potatoes, which were served to him, and from that day this dish was written in the menu under the name Sarotoga Chips. In the 20-th century the recipe of the potato chips was spread all over the world and from that instant the menus of the restaurants from the whole world were full of the different examples of the potato chips, but at the same time there appeared some recipes of the potato chips, which were intended for the home preparation and consumption.

There are different recipes of the potato chips and further there is presented one of them from the big amount of the different recipes.

5-10 medium potatoes
oil or fat


Wash the potatoes. Peel them. Slice them as thin as it is possible. Take a bowl. Fill it with the cold water. It is better even to use the ice water or to put it in the refrigerator. Put the slices of the potatoes at once into this bowl. Let it draw for at least one hour. After that make the potatoes dry by shaking them into a towel. Fry them in the hot oil or fat at 200 degrees Celsius till the light golden crust. Do not fry a big amount of the potatoes at once. It is better to put one row on the frying basket. After the preparation put the potato chips on any paper, which is intended to absorb water or fat. The potatoes chips may be served even after some time if they were preliminarily sealed in a plastic food container when they were cooled.


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